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Rugged Antennas

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I will negotiate on price, but not quality!  If you are looking for a decent antenna look no further!  I specialise in the installation of of quality Hills Australian Made digital antennas at fair prices!  You won't find Hills products cheaper in the Perth area, and you won't find a better product!  Hills antennas have been manufactured in Australia for over 50 years and are the  most rugged and reliable antennas on the market today.  My competitors are selling you outdated analogue imported antennas so why waste your hard earned money on junk when you can have the best product at a reasonable price?  Give me a call, I will be happy to discuss your requirements.  I am a small one man service and I don't use subcontractors to install my products, When you call Steve, you get Steve.  Not any Bob Dick or Harry!

  Quality Assurance

Phone Points * Data Points * Reception Issues

Hi, Welcome to my site.  I am Steve and I have been working in the antenna, cable and telephone industries with a total experience of well over 30 years.   I use the latest digital technology to provide you with the best technical knowledge and  experience in the Perth Metro area.  It is difficult for the consumer to know the difference between a quality Australian product and a cheap far Eastern one.  Unfortunately there are companies out there claiming that they supply the best and most durable products, but if it isn't a Hills product it will be inferior.  If you are looking for quality at a reasonable price, then look no further!  I supply Aussie Made Hills products that are without doubt the best you can buy!






I align all my antennas with the best and latest digital metering equipment!  With this equipment I can test your system to see how well it is working and is the must have tool for dealing with reception issues. You would be surprised how many companies are out there operating without a digital meter!  It is a necessary tool and without it the technician won't have a clue how your digital signal is performing.



Apart from quality antennas, I install extra outlets, phone outlets, service, repair and solve reception issues.  Another service I offer is the wall mounting of your television and  connection of your home theatre .  We also install whirligigs to help keep your roof ventilated during the hot summer months.  When you call me you will be dealing with a seasoned professional with decades of experience, not a subcontractor or franchisee from a large faceless organisation.


Hills Antenna Products



New Model!!

Warning!  Most antenna companies are still installing analogue antennas and passing them off as digital.!!

We only install digital!

New Hills Standard Gain Stealth Prime Digital antenna.  Great performer, designed for relatively good reception areas.  Traditional Hills rugged design with galvanised steel boom and extruded aluminium elements and internal balun.  Built to last and specifically digital bandwidth.  Notice how narrow the digital antennas are in comparison to the old analogue. 

From $199


Spectramax 14

Compact and durable.  Powdercoated, galvanised boom and a well constructed antenna, designed to last.  Works well in average reception areas.

from $250


Spectramax 24 Element

Top of the range digital antennas.  Designed to Hills rugged standards again.  Powder coated blue and galvanised boom.  A customer favourite throughout the metro and will weather the elements and work in those not so good reception areas too.  No wide elements for birds to perch on.  UV resistant stays will keep this antenna in one piece for years.  If you've bought a decent TV and want a decent antenna to match, this is the all rounder.  Great quality, great gain and with its rugged design will last for years!

From $320



Top of the range Spectramax 28 element!

Spectramax 28 element high gain digital.  Built to last like the 24 element and designed for those outer fringe areas of the Perth metro.  Fantastic gain and rugged design make this a favourite for those looking for real digital antennas and a top quality installation.  Not the cheapest antenna on the market but you cannot find better antennas than Hills anywhere in Australia!

From $350



These are just a few of the antennas Hills manufacture.  They are constantly improving their existing stock and creating new designs.



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